Which competition stats to pay the most attention to? (market samurai)

by JimGittum 4 replies
Im having trouble assessing how tough a front page will be to crack. Any tips on this?

or can anyone tell me which of the following categories I should mainly look at?

Domain Age
Page Rank
Index Count
Referring Domains
Page Backlinks
Domain Backlinks
Backlinks from .edu or government
DMOZ Directory
Yahoo Directory
Is keyword in the title of the page
Is the keyword in the URL
Is keyword in the description?
Is Keyword in the header?

So which are the most important of these? And any other general tips about the SEO competition or market samurai in general would be great!
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    Anyone got any advice on this?
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    Ok one more try
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    I think the most important is PR. If the 1st page is dominated by PR3-4,don't go for it.
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    Market Samurai is virtually useless for analyzing your competition.

    The onpage factors do not mean much, because you can duplicate those. I see them as a wash.

    What you want to know about are their internal linking structure (which you have to visit the page for), and their backlinks. For analyzing the backlinks, use SEO SpyGlass. It is far better than the backlink checker in MS.

    Analyze the top 3 sites. They are all that matter. Number 4 thru 1000 are meaningless. You just need to be able to beat the top 3.
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