What ALT text should I use for an image repeated 20 times on the page?

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Hello guys,
I have a chat site which displays on it's first page 20 links to 20 chat rooms on different topics.

For each chat room I display:
1. chat room image (an image relevant to the rooms topic)
2. chat room enter button link (enter chat room)
3. chat room topic link text;
3. a short description about the topic.

The question:
What ALT text should I use for the ENTER CHAT ROOM button?

1. I am inclined to use "enter chat room" but it will be repeated 20 times (hence I have 20 chat rooms displayed on index)
2. I'm not sure I should do this, because my website is optimized for the keyword CHAT ROOM and repeating the keyword 20 times in alt images would mean over optimization.
3. I am inclined in using just "enter" for the alt text or the "name of the topic".
4. What would be the effects of repeating the word "enter" inside the alt 20 times?
5. If I use the topic as alt, is there a problem I have used it as an anchor text?

What should I use?
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