Doc sharing sites after penguin? What do you think?

by zonkow
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1.Is it still reasonable to put your content on the doc sharing sites with a link back to your site?
2.Are the links from Doc sharing sites high quality or low quality?
3.Is it fine to upload the same content to about 10 most popular Doc sharing sites?
4.How many backlinks should I get from one doc at most?

Thanks for your answers...
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    I never use doc sharing sites for backlinks, solely for traffic. They can be an awesome source if you get it on enough of them.
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    I don't think links from doc sites factor into anything SEO.

    I don't think docs was anything penguin cared about.

    I think links in docs are just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

    Logic would not call a doc a website. Therefore, a link in
    a doc cannot be looked upon as a link in the backlink sense.

    I would not waste my time doing anything with any doc sites,
    unless you have a reason to put a document online.

    Probably the same as pdf files. Google can read them, but they
    are not websites. So any link for a so-called backlink would be
    moot. I would not count on any traffic from any a doc.

    For example, google docs uses some script for links in docs.
    The link the give is something like http://www

    I would imagine others are similar.

    I suppose that any doc that appears in a search is a potential
    click on a link in the doc.

    With a plethora of better ways to get links, I can't imagine
    spending any time on that.


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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      Nice never used this off page but u can give a try
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    I've used doc sites extensively last year and YES, those links DO count. However, I would urge you to look at such sites a bit differently... write up a good tutorial or a recipe in your niche, create a doc and upload to as many high quality doc sharing sites as you can. Don't worry about spinning or how many you submit to.

    Search engines do crawl documents and most of the doc sharing sites are nothing like Google docs. The links do count, but some people will tell you otherwise (those with no actual experience - the talkers). That's why it's best to test for yourself, which is what I would suggest to the OP.
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    Thanks for confirming Bnetwork, if doc sharing didn't work I wouldn't even offer them in my packages. I ain't saying they give huge boosts in your rankings but they definitely work.
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      I believe the backlink part comes from having the link in your profile more than in your document. The document is better for getting traffic, in my opinion.

      The links within the document seem to count, at least sometimes. I'm not sure how this is determined or even if it's totally random, but it doesn't hurt.

      It does not hurt anything to have the same document in multiple doc sharing sites.
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    There is lot of suggestions elsewhere that links from Doc share sites are really worth now more than ever.
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    I've been having huge success with document sharing sites for backlink's. I have ranked some sites in first page, just by using document sharing sites.
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    What I think ?

    I think ANY easily obtainable source of backlinks should be avoided. That includes this. If any joe can go upload 10 copies of the same document to 10 different sites, do you think those are the kinds of links Google wants to be counting ?
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    In reality doc sharing isn't meant for back link purpose. However, you will get a high PR link from most content you doc share which makes it worthy of integrating into your campaign.
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    Doc sharing is good - If you like to read full details then check this link -

    I am sure you will be satisfied.
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    They are good for traffic and getting some sales, but I don't think they are or were ever good for SEO
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    i use document sharing sites ..
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      Google does recognize Doc sharing sites as backlinks, and good backlinks. The important things to remember is that you may only get one link counted, and that link is in your profile.

      The documents you put up on the sites must have varying descriptions of the document, and include the key words. I suggest though is you use primary KW in the title of the document, and the secondary KW in the description. Generally the secondary KW will still have a descriptive value of the document.

      Try using LSI keywords in the remaining descriptions, on other document sharing sites. Google will be able to discern the difference, and just may help in the rankings.

      Always remember, to increase the value of the doc link you must provide added link juice. Bookmarks, and a couple good blog comments.

      Unless you are going to create several accounts in doc sharing sites, all you will get from Google is recognition there is a link back to your site, and how many of them there are. This information you can find in Google Webmaster Tools, in the area of links to your site.

      I do know that the search spiders can determine if Keywords are in a Pdf. . With that said give them some bait, and use h1, h2, h3 tags in your document before making it a Pdf. I other words use the same tags in your document as any website; Google reads those also.
      Have a great day!!
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