Sacrificing My Domain to Prove an Important Point!!!

by Lucas Bowen 8 replies
Tempers are high in the aftermath of Panda & Penguin. There seems to be little consensus on what is most efficient when it comes to getting up the SERPS. To test one contention point - link pyramids. I have decided that I will sacrifice my domain, if I have to. Just to prove a point - for better or worse.

The test is running now! 2 months time period, regular updates with OPEN and completely HONEST feedback. Let's get the pyramid, linkwheel, scapes and blast strategies settled once and for all.:confused:
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    such a brave man...nice to hear that....please keep us updated with the results. :-)
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    If you want to settle anything, you need to test 100 domains or even more to prove anything even remotely conclusive. Testing on one domain is not going to really prove anything.

    Also, this is a brand new domain, so I'm not really sure what it is you are "sacrificing".
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      I'm not stating that this will be a conclusive test. I'm merely stating it's a test. Anyone can base their own conclusions on any possible results.
      Show me anyone who's willing to put up 100 domains for this and he/she has my fullest backing.
      Sacrifice - the time and effort put into the domain so far. Perhaps not much but to me it matter.
      Whether domain is new or old is same difference. This is a question of seeing if a specific subdomain can rise and stick in the serps using questionable methods. I'm obviously not using this for my other domains.

      Cheers, Lucas
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    Brave - nah. Rather stupid I guess but it would be nice to establish a base line on the matter. That's my only motivation.

    Will definitely keep posting status - with details on both the site (unless it's taken completely off the grid) and WF.

    Cheers, Lucas
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    Mike's dead on...This experiment really isn't gonna prove much.

    What's your hypothesis with this experiment anyways?
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    I'm also willing to sacrifice your sites at any cost.

    Just playing...

    IMO the best links are same niche backlink pages that are very active with Google (Google Cache dates constantly being updated).
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    It sounds like a nice and helpful effort, unfortunately we all know what happens already.. blast too much and you disappear.. go slowly and naturally and see results. Testing on one site isn't really a controlled experiment because, which method are you going with? You would need at least 2 sites, of the exact same age and content, one to blast, one to pace.. which in and of itself wouldn't work anyways since google would discount one of them as being duplicate.

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    Revealing your site like that during testing...

    People with backlinking softwares (and too much free time) are going to mess with that.
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