How do I cloak my links and still have them open in a new tab in WordPress?

by deanmoney 5 replies
I have been using Wizard Cloak which lets me use my own links to hide the affiliate code. But the problem is I only find "open in new window plugins" for external links only. Does anyone know of a plugin that I can just copy/paste my cloaked links and it just opens them in a new tab? Thanks
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    I am also open to other options. The basic question is what do people use to cloak links, open it in a new tab since it looks like its my site, and make it no follow. I'm sure something has to be around but I have not found it yet.
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    I set up a folder on my server for each affiliate product, which enables me to use a short, good looking link, and then create an index.php file that re-directs people clicking on the short link through to the affiliate product sales page.

    This video explains in more detail:

    Create 301 Redirects to Disguise & Manage Affiliate Links | WealthyDragon


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    Thanks for the reply but I do use 301 redirects right now. I was just thinking something like this plugin would exist but I guess I'm wrong?
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    Here's how we do it with WP Traffic Tools

    If you check the settings we can set how we want to open the link, whether in a new page or same page. Also a lot of other feature settings.

    Only the spider cloaking and the geo-targeting isn't available in the free version so you should be able to do what you're looking for without having to pick up the paid module.
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