$275.00 in Microsoft Adcenter Vouchers For $12!

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$275.00 in Adcenter Vouchers For $12!

Found this is the right time to Test Bing..

1. Create your Adcenter account.
2. Go to Bing Webmaster Tools. You will see in red "click here blah blah blah $50″. Follow the instructions after clicking on the link for $50 voucher.
3. Fill in your info here for another $25 bucks.
4. Purchase this Kindle bookthis Kindle book (Search Engine Advertising).
5. You'll need to email Kevin@KevinLee.Net with your Amazon order # requesting your Adcenter promo code.
6. Once you have that go here and fill in your info for a $200 voucher.

From the blog post here
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