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I am a complete novice, fairly desperate and will be incredibly grateful to anyone who can help me ...

What I want to do is add maybe 2000 Amazon product pages to my existing largely uncommercial Wordpress site.

And I have become paranoid of damaging organic traffic to my site, which is very important to me for non-commercial reasons.

So the essence of my enquiry is how can I do this with least risk?

Is it necessary now to create the additional pages manually for fear that products like WP Zon builder or similar Amazon Associate plugins/scripts will leave "footprints" and harm my SEO?

I should say I realise that my 2000 new product pages shouldn't have too much duplicate content from Amazon and that it is necessary to write fresh content for each page. Thus I hope that when these are added to my content-rich existing site, I will not be seen as thin affiliate, but a thick affiliate.

A bit of background. My site has done well under Panda.

Then my traffic abruptly collapsed after the late April Penguin update. Up to that point I knew nothing of SEO, pandas, penguins, never even heard of the term 'black hat'.

What happened - What did I do wrong to fall foul of penguin? Something innocent it seems - my footer had a traditional Catholic prayer with repetitive words (eg. Heart of Jesus 40 times) which looked like webspam. When I removed it, I recovered from Penguin.

Meanwhile I had bought Zon builder to create my additional Amazon pages. At first I blamed Zon builder for the Penguin crash - but I do not now believe it was Zon builder's fault. Because I never really properly deployed Zon Builder.

I am grateful indeed that Zon builder refunded my money.

I am tempted to go back to Zon builder - but I am just SPOOKED about this happening again.

Maybe I should just say unlike other people here, I am not aiming to make a living with adding a shop/product pages to my site.

2000 Amazon pages with Adsense on them should help me in a difficult time. That is all I'm after.

Please can anyone tell me should I build these pages manually or with proper precautions like fresh content, etc can I safely go back to Zon builder or use another Affiliate plugin?

Any advice very gratefully received.
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    I had the WPZon Builder Plugin on about 20 sites that were all doing well with pure dupe content.

    But all of these sites got slapped silly during the panda/penguin updates.

    If you're going to be adding amazon products to a site which is mostly unique content I would NOT use any of the amazon plugins or any of the product descriptions directly from amazon.

    Instead of adding 2000 products, why not concentrate on doing k/w research for the best products in your niche and write useful unique reviews?

    Quality ALWAYS wins over quantity these days.
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    • Mark72

      Thank you so much for this. I value every piece of feedback about Zon builder ...

      Even though it is not clear whether your problem is dupe content or Zon builder. I guess you think both?

      As for dupe Amazon content I was hoping to take no more than 3-4 sentences and write 10 myself. But maybe that's still dangerous?

      (Also in terms of my 2000 items, they're 2000 low cost things I really believe in.)

      Finally although I thank you in this post - is there some official way to say thanks, hitting some button or something?
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  • In reference to above, I would love to hear anyone else's views on Zon builder or related Amazon plugins/products.

    Does anyone use Zon builder or such and has not suffered from Penguin?

    Is it possible to use it safely if one avoids too much duplicated content?

    Does anyone have a good link or article about this?

    While I am grateful to Mark72, I am really looking for second opinions.

    Thank you for anything ...
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    You need original content to pull organic traffic. You can use zon builder for product pages but you still need original content. If all you have is zon builder, why would Google send you traffic? They can just send them to amazon... Which they are.
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    • Thank you so much, Boxun.

      I guess I was not clear enough. Using original content was *exactly* what I meant when I said

      "Is it possible to use [Zon builder] safely if one avoids too much duplicated content?"

      The reason I say I want to be a THICK affiliate is that I have a site with loads of unique content.

      I want to add product pages also with unique content ...

      However, there are people out there suggesting Zon builder itself may now be dangerous, post penguin.

      Maybe because it leaves footprints.

      And I just need to absolutely sure before I endanger my unique content rich site.

      So I think you think Zon builder is ok, provided one has plenty of content?

      I am very grateful to you and to anyone else for feedback with a VERY difficult decision.
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