What is the difference between PPC and PPV?

by isaacburks9z 6 replies
I understand PPC pretty well I have not spent a lot to test its effectiveness yet and have heard about PPV. It is similar? Why is it great? Should I try it out?

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    PPV is Pay per View which simply means when an ad/link is viewed

    PPC is when the ad/link is actually clicked
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    You mostly see PPV traffic used when you get lots of Popover or Popunder ads on websites, the PPV companies send their ad server software bundled with otehr things such as toolbars etc which then builds a large network of people to serve ads to. Usually they are triggered when the user goes to your target website list and then shows them a popup from your campaign. Make sure to look at the stats of a PPV network before using them as each will have different demographics that will highly impact your ads.

    PPC is for example the ads showing up in Google Search or in websites in the form of banners or text link ads. Here you pay each time someone clicks on the link. Both have advtages and dissavantages namely PPC you can target very well, but might pay a lot for few conversions, PPV you can get tons of views to your website very very cheap, but may also lead to 0 conversions if done wrong.

    I suggest looking around some forums or finding a good guide on PPV before going that road.


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    So is it like counting impressions then and not clicks? I will have to look into it more it seems like its very different.

    Or like you said above its for pop-ups humm..?

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    its in the name, PPV pay per view - its impressions on the target ad or webpage. same as banner impressions on a site, except its usually in its own window.

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    They say Gauher made this term PPV (pay per view) popular.
    Its call CPV (cost per view) you pay per a page impression.

    And its interruption marketing.

    How do you deal with pop up's? This the type of advertising you would be investing in. You will have to know how to targets properly and test many things.

    What makes it easy for me to track my campaigns is bevomedia.

    Hope you got enough info from everyone!.
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    I don't know if I like that so much maybe it can work I have no real understanding of it so I would stay away for now. I was looking at pricing for a ad on a popular site and they were quoting millions of daily impressions nothing on clicks.

    I will read into it more later I have to stay on track and not get anymore sidetracked with new stuff for now.

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