I'm very confused anchor text variety. Please help me understand it.

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While making comments on dofollow blogs to get backlinks and traffic, I type my name in the "name field" as most of the webmasters including me don't like seeing keywords as anchor text.

For example, my name is Yalcin and when I use my name while making comments, my name "Yalcin" naturally becomes an anchor text, right?

My question is, if I make comments with the same name all the time, is it possible that I get penalized as I don't vary my anchor text?
Should I use different names all the time?

Sorry, if this is an idiotic question.
I'm still a newbie .
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    Yes. That's why blog comments should only be a very small part (like 5% or less IMO) of your overall link strategy. That way you don't have to worry about anchor text and you can comment naturally using your real name.
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    i second Retsek on that comment, but to asnwer your question about variety -
    you want to be building links using lots of different anchors, including natural signals like 'click here' 'view website' 'your URL' 'here' for example as well as long tails,
    keyword + country/city/service/state/best/top etc etc
    as well as using your company name in anchor.

    Bad case would be optimising using 80% all the same anchor text - that is what google dont like now

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    That's the problem. Webmasters don't approve comments if commenters include links other than their names.
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      I've never heard of anyone getting a penalty for dropping manual comments with their own name as the anchor text.

      Someone show me one example of this.

      So the answer is no. Comment away.

      If you are that tin-foil hat paranoid just make several different email addresses and use several different names. It isn't anything to lose sleep over.
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