Offer an incentive to link and Google is going to ban you

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I'd strongly recommend not making PageRank-passing links to your site a requirement for any kind of interaction on your website. Links placed like that are generally not natural links, not the kind of links that our algorithms want to find. Past that, not all businesses or people have real websites, it seems like it would be a bit unfair to block them from being able to use your site to its fullest (and in turn, if they end up loving it, recommending it to their friends & business partners). By all means, make it easy for users to recommend and to link to your site, but don't use that as a requirement.
So in a nutshell what John Mueller from Google is saying here is that if you incentivize people to link to you, you can get banned. In essence this means that for example directories that offer services only to those who link back to them are in risk of getting banned.

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