Can Google tell where a link is on a page?

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Is google able to tell what "section" of a page a link is on? (ie navigation vs content block vs comment area vs footer). I have heard they can do this.
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    Yes , I think Google is able to categorize the section . Thats why its said that heading should possess keywords and should be in H1 tag.
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    They absolutely CAN DO THIS. It really would not be that hard at all.

    Right click and hit on "page source" It will give you the html code of the page your on. You can clearly see the separation between: main content, sidebars, footers, etc. A robot could sort them out with very little difficulty.
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    Yes can read link section of your page where link is on the page. I think robots crawl it through page source.
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    Yeah they can tell where the link is located either its in a iframe,comment form,body,widgets,content locker,footer(you know google already ignores sites spamming with footer link?).
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    Yes, that is easy to identify. You can obviously tell based on how far done it is on the page and things like that. The thing I wanted to add though is that HTML 5 is going to become more widely used over time and it will make it easier for Google to identify the different sections of your website.
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    Yes, Google can know that the link is placed on which section of the web page. Even that is why people say contextual links are more better post penguin since google gives it more weight than comment area or resource box links.

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