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Which 2.0 dofollow sites would you recommend to create on seo purposes?

(.eg. squidoo.com)
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    You can check the list at http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...-pagerank.html

    Make sure to post different articles to each 2.0 sites because of the penguin algorithm.
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    Thanks a lot himanizo. I will go and look if they still allow making accounts without phone verification. Hate the fact that weebly now does that.
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    All of the High PR do follow Web 2.0 sites are same dude. you can use all of them if you want.
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    This is really great post to help boosting site SEO..

    Thanks a lot!
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    I checked the list it is wonderful. Hats off to you..
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    I use this Web 2.0 Sites List because they note which sites are nofollow.

    Does anyone have a diagram of the best way to build tiers with web 2.0s? I've seen good rank improvements, but feel I can maximize my efforts better with the right structure.
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    Originally Posted by myaple View Post

    Which 2.0 dofollow sites would you recommend to create on seo purposes?

    (.eg. squidoo.com)
    Here is a great list of DoFollow Web 2.0 sites. Hope it will help you very much.

    wordpress.com - pr9
    tumblr.com - pr8
    typepad.com - pr8
    weebly.com - pr8
    blogger.com - pr8
    tripod.com - pr8
    posterous.com - pr7
    jimdo.com - pr7
    yola.com - pr7
    squidoo.com - pr7
    multiply.com - pr7
    angelfire.com - pr7
    officelive.com - pr7
    rediff.com - pr7
    wikidot.com - pr7
    webs.com - pr7
    webnode.com - pr7
    salon.com - pr7
    edublogs.org - pr6
    webspawner.com - pr6
    soup.io - pr6
    ucoz.com - pr6
    travelblog.org - pr6
    gather.com - pr6
    springnote.com - pr6
    webstarts.com - pr6
    moonfruit.com - pr6
    journalspace.com - pr6
    blog.de - pr6
    onsugar.com - pr6
    quizilla.teennick.com - pr6
    areavoices.com - pr6
    freeblog.hu - pr6
    blog.com - pr6
    blogdrive.com - pr5
    blogtext.org - pr5
    freeflux.net - pr5
    freehostia.com - pr5
    zoomshare.com - pr5
    flixya.com - pr5
    webgarden.com - pr5
    ohlog.com - pr5
    livelogcity.com - pr5
    snappages.com - pr5
    sosblogs.com - pr5
    visualsociety.com - pr5
    insanejournal.com - pr5
    alivenotdead.com - pr5
    hazblog.com - pr5
    hpage.com - pr5
    blog.com.es - pr5
    350.com - pr5
    beep.com - pr5
    devhub.com - pr5
    blog.hr - pr5
    blinkweb.com - pr5
    ewebsite.com - pr5
    flukiest.com - pr4
    bloggum.com - pr4
    inube.com - pr4
    iseekblog.com - pr4
    hipero.com - pr4
    blurty.com - pr4
    bloghi.com - pr4
    wallinside.com - pr4
    getjealous.com - pr4
    fotopages.com - pr4
    wikipages.com - pr4
    freeblogspot.org - pr4
    myblogsite.com - pr4
    spi-blog.com - pr4
    2itb.com - pr4
    mytripjournal.com - pr4
    blogreaction.com - pr4
    doomby.com - pr4
    blogge.rs - pr4
    mywapblog.com - pr4
    yousaytoo.com - pr4
    publr.com - pr3
    blogster.com - pr3
    weblogplaza.com - pr3
    spyuser.com - pr3
    bcz.com - pr3
    iblog.at - pr3
    honmag.com - pr3
    blogpico.com - pr2
    evood.com - pr2
    uwcblog.com - pr2

    Source: http://www.warriorforum.com/adsense-...-pagerank.html
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      Wordpress? Blogger? Are you kidding? What does that
      list have to do with anything? Blogger is PR 8, so...
      what does that mean?

      There is no high PR web 2.0 that does not use nofollow.
      There is no dofollow and wish people would quit using
      that stupid term. Makes no sense.

      Wordpress PR9? What's that going to do for ya?
      Completely meaningless list.

      I wonder people. Seriously.


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    great list for seo purpose
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