Plan to buying PR 4 (9 years old) domain - need your thought

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Hi everyone,

I am planning to buy this domain. This domain is PR 4 and 9 years old.

I just need your thought. I already check the PR and backlinks. It look very strong but I'm still not sure if its really worth it.

Whoever expert on this, please throw up your opinion. Or you can check this with whatever tools you have.

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    Based purely on the strength of the domain itself, without any sort of optimisation and actual site, it seems as though it has great potential. I sold a PR4 site, and you must understand that it is a time-consuming investment. For any sort of reward you need to put in the hours to make it hugely successful. If you are 100% committed to it i.e. spending lots of time working on it, then go for it. If not, then I strongly suggest that you reconsider your offer - especially if it is going to initially cost a substantial quantity of money. This is just my tuppence, hope this helps a little!
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    There is something funny about this domain. According to my tools I see one good PR5 link to it, and a couple of other low PR links. Not a terrible domain but I wouldn't say it's "very strong".

    Also, it's not showing as a PR4 it's showing as a PR0. How are you determining the PR? I mean, it will likely be at least a PR3 because of the PR5 links but that is the ONLY strong backlink I see to this domain. How much were you planning on paying for it if you don't mind disclosing that? For me there are too many signals that tell me to stay away from it.
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      Listen, I might get guff for saying this, but PR doesn't mean zip. In most cases, when the new owner info is registered, the PR will go back to zero. Which then begs two important questions:

      Does the word itself mean anything? No, the term is not a common phrase, it has low search volume, and might even be trademarked. It's not taken in any other extensions, and though it's a 5 letter pronounceable, it not clear what it's about.

      Does it get traffic? It may get backlink traffic but it likely gets no type-in traffic since it really doesn't mean anything. Make sure the backlink traffic is substantial, identifiable, and comes from multiple sources since that could dry up after you develop it.

      I would say no.

      Massive targeted traffic Email Drops...

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        Originally Posted by Jonathan Mizel View Post

        Listen, I might get guff for saying this, but PR doesn't mean zip.
        The more of us who say it, and the more clearly, the less guff we'll get, I always hope.

        Always a pleasure to see you posting, anyway: don't be such a stranger!
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          Have to say these replies have opened my eyes Well PR was pretty important when I put a site for sale on a forum and I suppose it can be seen as a sort of selling point as sellers would prefer PR 1 than PR 4 and to get that page rank you certainly need the requirements google set for it. So it must have relatively healthy backlinks and, perhaps, organic traffic?
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    Problem with such things, if you have access to your own private blog network i.e around 10 x pr 4/5 blogs then you could easily get a site to pr4 sell it and remove links, rinse and repeat every pr page update and you would make a health little income manipulating individuals that rate a websites value purely on pr. Also its not a pr 4 unless my fake page rank checker is not working, what you might want to look at is the majestics report, which shows 37 referring dom and 87 links (normally you have to x 3 to get an actual figure).

    What scares me is that most of the back link juice is coming from two links. As shown on majestic. Personally you have to ask your self, would it be cheaper to set up your own site, how much traffic is it really getting, also do site: http: // pavad. com/ (with out the spaces) it only has one page indexed. showing 13 links in explore.

    Want to learn more, read read and read more.

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