How To Improve Conversion Rate Of An Amazon Review Site?

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I have a review site about electronics products and over 200 IPs per day. But the conversion rate is too low, about 1 order per 600 IPs.

How can I improve the conversion rate effectively?
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    A basic theme, not too many fancy graphics, link in product image, then two links elsewhere in the content. Amazon banners don't work well at all. Make sure your content is genuine and doesn't sound too biased/salesy. Also, if you've done all that but it's still failing, some niches and/or keywords just don't convert very well. That's just part of the Amazon game. If you're not testing with PPC before starting SEO (I'm assuming you're doing SEO), then how do you know which keywords convert and which ones don't? The answer - you don't.
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    Originally Posted by c275353118 View Post

    I have a review site about electronics products and over 200 IPs per day. But the conversion rate is too low, about 1 order per 600 IPs.

    How can I improve the conversion rate effectively?
    Well, for starters, you need to know what keywords people are finding your site with. Are they "buying" keywords or are they more generic in nature?
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      Originally Posted by mikeshinobi View Post

      How's your clickthrough rate? Keep in mind that the goal of any Amazon affiliate-based website is to get them to click through to Amazon, and not necessarily to actually sell what you have on your site. People often make the mistake of focusing entirely on having amazing descriptions and reviews because they're trying to sell something - well you're not really trying to sell something.

      The true goal is just to get them to click, 'cause once they've done that - mission accomplished. The cookie is planted. Now you just sit back and hope they buy ANYTHING. If they're on your site then sure, they'll most likely buy whatever your site is about, but if they change their mind about buying those cool headphones and decide to get a toy boat instead, it's still a win.

      A couple tips for getting people to click through more readily:
      • Embed all of your product images with the link to their respective product
      • Don't use phrases like "buy from Amazon" or "add to cart" on your buttons or text links that point to Amazon, and instead go for phrases like "check it out" or "see it on Amazon".
      In addition to ^^this:

      If you're doing product reviews, have a link straight to amazon buyer reviews. Something like "click here to see more reviews/what other have to say about...".

      Amazon have super-optimized their pages for maximum conversion rates. Get your visitors to those pages and let Amazon take care of the rest.
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    You can begin to develop a trusting relationship with your customers by displaying your security seal and business association badges on your site.
    Make it easy to find products by listing the Top Sellers, Best Value, Specials, or New Products on the home and category pages.
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    Here are two posts I made that are in depth and relate to Amazon and CTR

    I also plan on creating another post tonight related STRICTLY to CTR and conversions for Amazon websites so keep an eye open for that one
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    Hmmm...very interesting topic. Wish more people would get involved on this and offer a better understanding. Personally, I believe selling on Amazon is your way to go
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