Here's How To Go After The Keys To Google's Kingdom....And Make Money!

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Panda....Penguin....I'm sure over time you will see a Noah's Ark full of entities that come out from the land of Google....

Too often, we are quick to blame or throw our arms up in disgust when these animals, that is, the latest google updates, wreak havoc all over our IM ventures.

There are two lessons that have come out of these updates:

1) We have to provide our site visitors with informative content that is dynamic and not static


2) Google's properties have become even more significant in organic results

#1 is no surprise as too many abuses in the past have set the stage for Google to clean house.

Now with #2....Of course, Google wants more if its own properties in the results. It is a natural extension of the overall experience that Google has in its gameplan. Google's ultimate gameplan is to develop a whole array of google properties with every every search engine - maps, video, pictures, etc. - to give you a complete customized delivery of information.

Remember the old days when you had 10 non-Google properties show up for every search engine result? Times have really changed!

As we've reached the midpoint of 2012, I would say to really learn about how to optimize your content on Google's own properties. Get a really good understanding of Google's properties. Pay particular attention to Google Images and YouTube. But don't just stop there! I've seen Google Plus listings come up in the top 10 for many terms....including internet marketing!

Fortunately, there's lots of good content available online to help you do so...including on this forum!

Properly optimized YouTube videos can have an excellent shot at ranking well in Google. Right now many SERP's for keywords are dominated by YouTube so those who understand how to optimize videos on YouTube, will have the keys to the kingdom!

The same holds true for Google Images.....And Plus....And Local....And so on!

Will the rules change for google properties as it has for our affiliate sites? Of course! But, I can tell you that Google has made the shift in its overall layout to focus on its own properties. So stay on top of the rules but just know that you will be two steps ahead if you start to develop your empire using Google's properties.

I'm not saying to throw out the tried and true method of building affiliate sites. I'm saying that now more than ever your should take the time in learning about Google's properties as they will only show up more and more in the SERPs.
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    great post, really given me something to think about. i've started using blogger a lot and seen some good results. i think i'm going to start looking into more google properties and ways i can use them.
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    I don't think so.

    Right now we all better find other ways for traffic and not just rely on Google.
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