How I increased my website traffic and exposure in 3 days

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A few weeks or so ago, I decided to have a play with SEO infographics and these were the results:

the full infographic is here:
SEO Infographic - Black Hat Monsters of SEO - Smuggecko

SEO Infographic - White Hat Monsters of SEO - Smuggecko

Obviously having spent time creating them, I wanted to promote them. So I went about tweeting about them and adding them to a few image sharing sites: and of course Pinterest. I also dropped a few Diggs and added them on

Then I promoted each individual off site promotion. And waited.

The Results were honestly shocking, my infographics were started showing up in some unexpected places:
Infographic: White Hat Monsters of SEO
Infographic: The White Hat Monsters of SEO |
and a few other sites. Plus they are now scattered all over Pinterest. And I have lost track of how many tweets they have generated.

The most shocking of all was the reaction for Digg:
299 Diggs:SEO Infographic
254 Diggs:SEO Infographic

Just goes to show that promoting your offsite content can really help and its not all about building backlinks purely to your money site.
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