Panda/Penguin: How to Create Diversified Anchors

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Thanks for keeping me on your mailer DFB! :p

Let's talk about the ~ (it's called the tilde key on your keyboard)

When you use the ~ (tilde) operator before a word when you search, Google will bold the words that it finds "synonymous". When you use the - (minus) operator, it subtracts that word from the results. The bolded words that are left are perfect for our link diversification project and hopefully numerous enough to be useful. If you stick only with what Google says, you'll certainly limit yourself to a poorer quality finished product. However, I doubt anyone will argue that Google isn't the authority for SEO based LSI, so we'll start there.
I have a money phrase "fluffy bunny slippers" and I'm ready to diversify. After some Google hacking I've come up with:
  • furry
  • fluff
  • fluffy
  • bunny
  • rabbit
  • playboy
  • slippers
  • shoes
  • sandals
Relying on synonyms to diversify your backlink anchor text is a fools errand. It's one of several diversification methods that you should be actively practicing. Raw URLs and generic anchor text (like "click here" and "website") cannot be overlooked, they're an essential part of a high quality & diversified link portfolio. Take a look at some of the big boys ranking currently and see for yourself.

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    The technique is good to find synonyms, to diversify anchor text. I made an attempt to find new words, but immediately experienced its limitation.

    Although, i still find it a great, i am gonna work on it.
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    Dont forget to leave a few blank anchors as well as long tails.
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    That is good for anchor text diversity but I also recommend using unoptimized anchor text links.

    Those are things like click here, learn more and things like that. That will help big time in making things appear natural in your backlink profile.
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