Pages are de-indexing one by one, please help me

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Hi warriors, I need your help please.

After my site effected by google penguin, I have been analyzing everything to see whats going wrong with my website. I have made correct some issues like remove hidden text created by one wordpress plugin, add content on homepage without doing over optimizing the keywords etc. etc. I do not thing that backlink is the reason of my ranking down, as I did not do much link building work for my site.

My site is an online gaming site. When I add a new game, the game page index instantly and also I get rank on first page for some long tail keywords without doing any linkbuilding, but after 2-3 days ranking down, even do not see within 100. It is happening since the day my site effected by penguin. Even I lost all the good rankings of previous game pages.

Now after some days, some of the game pages start de-indexing from google. I am tired by analyzing the wrong side of my side. Till now can not identify the issues.

Guys wil you please help me? I will greatly thankful to you.

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