[Keyword Research]How I find EMD's using GAKT in Less than 1 minute using 2 simple steps!!

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Hello Folks,

I am so blessed with this forum and learned a lot over the year. Today I want to share with you one of my secrets of keyword research. This is no miracle invention but still I think this may help fellow members. I usually find a lot of EMD's using this exact process. So here it is:

Step 1

a) First I go to Google adwords keyword tool (GAKT) and make sure I am logged in there while doing the research.

b) I paste any seed keyword , Chose Exact Match from the left hand side , uncheck the option "Only show ideas closely related to my search term", add a local Monthly search filter of 1000 and and hit search. As an example, I used "pregnancy" as my seed keyword. Here's the screenshot of the process:

c) The reason behind unchecking "Only show.." option is not to limit my search only to pregnancy related searches. I don't necessarily need to find anything exactly similar to seed keyword. I love to dig into any seed keyword and all i care is about end result . Ok , moving on..

d) Next I save all the keywords. Hit "View as text" , copy all keywords from there and save them in a excel file. These keywords all have 1000 or above Exact monthly search.

Step 2

a) I take 1st 100 keywords from the list and put all of them in the search box. This is because GAKT doesn't allow or show search results for more than 100 keywords at a time. The advantage of adding 100 keywords in search is to generate more similar keywords to all of those. I repeat this process for all keywords from my earlier saved list. Not to mention I save all these keywords once again. Usually I end up with a large list of 500+ keywords, all of them having 1000+ exact LMS. Here's the process look like:

b) Next I go to emdhunt.com and paste all my keywords there and hit search. This helps me to pull in the keywords for which the domain name is available. It's very easy and self explanatory.

c) Next, I take all the EMD keywords and place them back in GAKT for my further research. Remember, You don't want to take or go after all EMD's . There are several other factors like trademarks, keyword competition etc which you MUST take into consideration before purchasing any domain. Also, Keep it in mind that finding EMD's doesn't guarantee your success with niche sites but of course it's a added benefit.

So, That's all about it. Enjoy your keyword research !!

P.S: I am not a native English speaker , so excuse any grammatical mistakes (if any ).
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