How many impressions would it take (without click) making you worried about your ad copy?

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i had one which accumulated 160 impressions and no click.

When would you say it is time to worry about how many impressions would you tolerate without anyone clicking?


(edit: talking about search network, not content network. keyword relatively targeted, not too broad.) i am on pos #2 or #3 with my ad.
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    First it depends on where the ad is sitting.
    If it is non-targeted, then there would be very few clicks.

    Are you using a link tracker of any kind?
    (please do NOT use Tinyurl... )

    Headline - Most important.
    Description - Second Most important.
    Link Track - 3rd

    Experiment by changing one word at a time and re-post same ad with the minor editing

    Test and measure results
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    george, just make sure that your campaign has at least 0.5% CTR when it's reaching 1000 impressions. After that your keywords will be slapped (observed this yesterday on one of my campaigns)
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    160 impressions isn't usually enough to make any kind of valid decisions because the next 160 might yield 3 or 4 clicks.

    1,000 impressions is somewhat of a "magic number" within AdWords. Somewhat like a reset button.

    In the past, that's how long it took for QS to be recalculated. I don't know if that still holds true now that Big G has implemented their "dynamic" quality score algorithm but it's still a fine number to use for decision making purposes.

    It's important that your search campaigns have a minimum of 1% click-thru rate. In most markets 2-3% CTR indicates that you've got a very good message to market match. Anything above that consistently is really firing on all cylinders.

    All that said, if I was in the #2 or #3 slot and hadn't received single a click in 300 or 400 impressions, I would consider the ad a complete bomb. I would delete it and start over.

    No Keywords In Headline?
    Your ad is dead and gets no clicks
    Don't worry, I'll help you fix it
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    thanks for the 1000 impressions pointer! very helpful!

    by the way, on a side-note...those are new ads where i target germany only, its basically only an experiment.

    On my USA/Intl "best" ad to-date is in the "reverse phone book, find emails niche"..i have ads with incredible CTR 25%++. Sadly, the payout for the product in question is not that great. I wish i had those CTR rates with all my other ads.
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    I always heard that you needed 500 clicks to draw any meaningful conclusions.

    Below that, there's too much 'noise', competitors clicking to drain your budget, that kind of thing.
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      Originally Posted by Jon Alexander View Post

      I always heard that you needed 500 clicks to draw any meaningful conclusions.

      Below that, there's too much 'noise', competitors clicking to drain your budget, that kind of thing.
      Different issue.

      We're not talking about clicks to conversions. We're talking about GETTING clicks.

      But yes, once you're getting clicks, you need to give it enough time to be able to get useful metrics. At $8 a click, there's fewer assholes to deal with and so you don't have quite the same "churn" in the space and you can make decisions a littler quicker than the .25 a click markets. Sometimes it's 100 clicks, sometimes it's 1,000. You'll know because things "normalize".

      Hope that makes sense. I'm on my first coffee.

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    What are your thoughts on the # of impressions when using the content network?

    Any good rules of thumb for ads' CTR there, too? I got .60% on one and was very pleased but not sure what the norm is, as I believe many have said 1.00% or higher is usually acceptable in the Search Network for an ad's CTR.
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