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My site is under construction but i want to start SEO so when my site LIVE i can get the instantly traffic. What is the proper method of doing SEO for new site.. please help...

For starter, how many backlinks should i generate in one day ?
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    First step: keyword research
    Second Step: Useful Content
    Third Step: Link Building (Slow and steady) no more than 500 for the 1st month. Social Signal is important.
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      Originally Posted by risingrank View Post

      First step: keyword research
      Second Step: Useful Content
      Third Step: Link Building (Slow and steady) no more than 500 for the 1st month. Social Signal is important.
      Step 1.5 - On-page optimization for EVERYTHING (articles, site, descriptions, pictures, etc)
      Step 2.5 Social Signals

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        1) Keyword research

        2) Information Architecture

        3) Mapping Keywords to IA

        4) On-page optimization

        5) robots.txt, xml sitemap, webmaster central setup, google analytics setup

        6) Quality content production

        7) Seeding the brand, thought leadership, community building around the brand on social media
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    1st, I suggest you manage your expectations. You're are not going to get instant traffic when you site is live through SEO. This is one of the main reasons people don't acheive the success they are looking for in SEO. The problem is, this mentality will lead you down the path of trying to find instant solutions. Whats even worse is, most people in this position are looking for the cheapest option out there. 95% of the time it ends badly, After a few months of blog comment blasts, social bookmarking and forum profiles, they throw their hands up thinking that they have done everything possible to rank a site.

    step 1: Don't expect instant traffic with SEO
    step 2: Take the time to make sure your on-page SEO is rock solid
    step 3: Map out an SEO plan for the next few months and stick to it. If you don't have any idea what you are doing, pay somebody else to do it. Unless you plan to be a full time SEO, you should be focusing on the parts of your business that you are good at.

    If you want to do you own SEO and know for a fact that you can stick to it, day in and day out, then building 20-30 quality links to your website is more than enough in one day. If you are building more than one tier, then you can literally build 100s of links in a day, but only 20-30 should point directly to your website.
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    Thanks for all your reply but in which site should i get the backlinks i mean first where to start for more good results like articles, directory, web 2.0, SN etc .. which one ?
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    Good question.

    My seo and link buiding strategy is based on :

    1. unique and very well written content( it is extremely important )
    2. building links on articles posted on high authority blogs
    3. At least 300 social links to each page you post
    4. Some edu blogs if you can get

    And you will see extremely good results in Serps
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    1. Keyword Research
    2. On page factors
    3. Off page optimization
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    before doing off-line optimization, you can submit your product to download sites which can bring you some backlinks.
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    post press release and article is good for new site SEO
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      Just start with your Good traffic keywords in on page optimization. and slowly do bookmarking, daily do social Media Optimzation..
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    You should have asked that question BEFORE you started building your site. Getting your onsite stuff right (including navigation, layout and architecture) is essential before implementing offsite seo.

    With your onsite right, your offsite will be much easier.

    If you're serious, have a look at this seo training course.

    If you're not, then don't

    BS free SEO services, training and advice - SEO Point

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    • Add relevant, quality content to your new site and include the targeted keywords. Spread the word about your website on social networking sites. Send an email to your contacts and let them know about your site. Distribute press releases and write a few classified ads to drive traffic to your pages and increase your exposure online.
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    You can write lots of useful articles. So when you need links you can post those articles and start getting links. I would also suggest you to do a good keyword research. This is really very important.
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    backlinks , keywords , Useful Content !
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    I think you should publish the unique fresh content regularly on your site on and start the offpage and onpage activities for the same. You should start the web 2.0 website submission because it could be beneficial.
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