Best type of backlinks that will raise your search engine rankings?

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Hi guys would you please help me out and tell me what the best type of backlinks are that will raise your search engine rankings, e.g article directories, guest blogging etc...

I created two articles and submitted both of them to around 10-12 do-follow article directories and can't even see my site ranking on the first 10 pages for the keyword its optimized for. Am I doing something wrong?

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    It takes a lot more these days than article directories. Try several dofollow web 2.0 with unique articles. And of course make sure they get indexed.
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    Try web 2.0s and bookmark them them. You can also try blog commenting,directory listing,social bookmarking.
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    Also, and this is fairly general and just my opinion, but try and go for quality over quantity. Instead of trying to get 500 PR N/A, NoFollow links, try and get 5 PR1+, DoFollow links.
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      links which are editorially given by other relevant sites with high authority/trust..
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    Guest posts, high PR blog comments on high quality pages with low out bound links, web 2.0's with juice flowing (tiering) and of course the most valuable of them all a private network of quality high pr sites to use as you wish.
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    Try to get as many as you can high pr and relevant backlinks. Article marketing, web2.0 and blog commenting (on relevant posts) are good ways to move up your serps.
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    Every answer you get to your exact question, will be WRONG. Why? Because there is no "best type" of backlinks.

    The reason for this is that to make your backlinks natural, you absolutely MUST have a wide variety of DIFFERENT types of backlinks! So any one type of backlink, used on its own, is a bad idea, because it will probably be obvious to Google.

    (for more info like this, see my sig.
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    What about Forum Back links? Related of course. And Do follow signature links? I am interested to know about these.
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    The best type of link building like always doing it manually. Daily use Article submission to top article directories, Top web 2.0 submissions, relevant blog commenting and now a days social media marketing.

    This would be helpful for you.

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    Best to have an all-around approach to link building rather than focusing on just a few methods.
    Cheap SEO Packages << You can afford it!
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    try video marketing
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    I suggest you distribute your links to various places like web 2.0, forums, social media, social networks, etc.

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    dofollow links!

    Visit for nutrition and fitness topics including the safety of tap water consumption, the hormonal response to exercise, and and other health articles.

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    1- DoFollow Links
    2- Guest Posting
    3- Blog Roll
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    After penguin update it would be great if you concentrate on contextual links from different sources like a press release, article and guest blogging. Those kids of links helps a lot in getting SERP and traffic.
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  • I recommend you web 2.0 links, Forum posting, Blog commenting(high PR less OBL).
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    I i'm really concentrating on at the moment is guest posts and submit articles to PRWEB - I'm not really using anchor text at the moment just a naked url.

    I'm not so keen on blog commenting as this can become really spammy.
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      Originally Posted by heft View Post

      I i'm really concentrating on at the moment is guest posts and submit articles to PRWEB - I'm not really using anchor text at the moment just a naked url.

      I'm not so keen on blog commenting as this can become really spammy.
      I'm doing guests posts and am seeing a lot of benefit. I'm scarred of PR web and the like, mostly because I saw something from Matt Cutts saying that they probably wouldn't value that type of link. However, I did have a pr web post that had dropped in rankings. I hit it with some blog comment links and brought it back up so it's stayed on the first page. Still now sure what that says for the value of the links, if any.
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    Relevant contextual links plus blog roll links work well.
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    Like everyone is saying, Dofollow, high pr links.

    Spread it out, get some diverse stuff! Web 2.0, articles, wiki links, bookmarks, everything!

    You'll end up with some great results, I promise.
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    Links from private sites, you can do that by purchasing it from someone like me or you can buy expired domains your self.

    Apart of that it's good to diversify a bit by using the top 10 web2.0 sites, the top 5 article directories, top 5 free or paid press release sites, top 5 bookmark sites (the rest is really not worth it), also try to get some social links from sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and nowadays there are also these infographic sites to give some extra uniqueness to your back link profile.

    At least that's how I approach it in the monthly service and I think that's one of the best and safe ways to go these days.

    Forget about mass blasting your tier 2 links with 1000's or 10.000's of worthless comments, profile, wiki or bookmark links.
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    Try a few blog comments on some of the better known SEO and graphic design blogs. It's pretty easy to get links from PR3, 4 and sometimes 5 pages.
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      Social backlinks are the best .
      I tried myself all type of backlinks, social backlinks are the best .
      This does not mean other type are not required , but concentrate on these links.
      Google LOVE these types of links.
      Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn ,tumblr, pinterest...etc.
      Get your website url posted ( maximum no. you can) in them and you will see big difference.
      I had my YouTube links in page one in YouTube, at the same time this high ranking make my link in Google first or second page .
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    I would suggest that use almost all the method of link building but do it naturally.. use fresh content only for link building purposes, it should help of course.

    Is your website Hacked? Try ->
    Is Google Analytics installed Properly? Test ->
    Impersonal Google search? Check ->

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