Help with new site deindexed , please!

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i got deindexed my neew site by stupid mistake.

Was going to write an article , wrote 2 sentences and put all the Keywords from the keyword tool in the post. This with the idea to just have some insight while writing.Programmed it to publish after 2 days AND FORGOT ABOUT THIS.

So i started writing posts. Even engaged my girfriend to write. Cause i am doing a quality web. And the worst is that it is about my business/i am a photographer/.

Obviously i deleted the post and just for an precaution deleted the ionly 2 span articles not written by me.

What to do now to reindex? Is it possible at all or should i forget about that TLD? The worst is that is an exact match, and in Webmaster tools it showed that i had to rank 6-9 on first page. For now what i have done is delete most of the categories,the stupid posts, and install 404 redirect plugin pointing to the main page.

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    Ask for a reconsideration request. Thats your only real hope. It is highly unlikely that it will just natural reindex.
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    Wow, they were quick to deindex on that one.
    I would just continue writing quality posts and creating backlinks, and then see how it goes from there.

    As a last resort, if you see that nothing has changed in a few weeks, you could still trash that site and re-use those articles.

    As for the reconsideration thing, yea you might try that, but good luck with it!
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    Feeling sorry for you. Check out this article. It'll helpful for you. 7 Achievable Steps For Great SEO After The Penguin Update | SEOmoz
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    I have other site down. This drives me crazy.The other is also 100% content written by me, pictures made by me and so on. This one maybe is link problem.
    I have iin these sites my affiliate links redirected no follow by GoCodes and in robots the directory is forbidden.
    I start to wonder if this is the problem or Yoast Seo plugin problem.

    I will resubmit today the site and see what they tell me. This has 0 inbound links. Its either affiliate links cloaked or too much image optimization. Check this site and tell me what you think. lets make it a case study.
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  • Profile picture of the author J3thro M are indexed by google. What's wrong with that site?
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    Just to be more clear, i am not Deindexed, i am out of search results. site:mysite lists, but www[mysite]com shows nothing
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    Just coming from a long thread from webmasters help on G. They tell me not to cloak my affiliate links.
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    You sure you are not having a hosting issue or something? Its very difficult to get a site deindexed. You are either doing some really shady stuff or there is a technical issue going on.
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    I got a site deindexed after the panda and well I am now back and cooking with gas :-)

    Make the changes to the site and file a recon request and you should be sucking diesel in no time :-)

    Good luck

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      Nothing shady. I will tell you how to simply find that you are not in SERP. Yep, i am a newbie but hopefully not a complete idiot.

      I found this way. Went in Webmaster Tools and saw impressions dropped to zero and followed a straight line like a dead patient heart beat. That simple.

      What you see at search "site:my site" are leftovers from UAW filling content, that was to keep big nasty G busy ranking me until i start working on the site.
      Its not the reason for banning as i have another site live and kicking full with UAW articles.

      Cleaned today everything shady and resubmitted. Lets see how long it will take.

      Now the question is how to save the other site. Bad fiver links maybe. Not thousands though I bought there only a couple edu and wiki. Maybe the mistake was buying G+ that were drip fed 1-5 a day over 2 weeks.

      Lucky me i have an Youtube video with links and i spammed some forums with affiliate links quoting directly my site. Wel not exactly, i am an respected member there with thousand posts
      So it still clicking

      By the way i made my first 10$ I started exactly one month ago knowing nothing. Now i begin to wonder if really making quality posts at forums and inserting Affiliate Links to unsuspecting webmasters will not make me more money that fighting with G
      I don't do it here though:p
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