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I came across this list in my travels on google and thought I would share with everyone here at W.F.
I did not check to see if they are all still active, but give it a shot.

Submit your site and /or products to these Free Classifieds.…………
northbay classified

oakvilleclassfied has shut down…
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    I've heard that Craigslist is the only classified site worth posting to. Have you had any success with any others?

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      Originally Posted by citygirl777 View Post

      Backpage and Craigslist are good ones
      Originally Posted by cooler1 View Post

      I've heard that Craigslist is the only classified site worth posting to. Have you had any success with any others?
      I needed 3 - 4 times as many ads on backpage to get the same response volume as craigslist. Though Craigslist gets finicky with postings from one location/IP I definitely see it as one of the few worthy options for posting an ad and people actually seeing it.

      With that said, however, I have had good results with backpage going into the hundreds of postings for a single ad. Most people don't test enough to see actual $$ though so they tend to float around to other classifies hoping for results.
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    I've used a couple of those free ad sites from time to time with minimal results. Craigslist is certainly a very well-known site so the chance that your ad will be seen is greatly increased. I'm not sure some of those free ad sites are worth the time it takes to post an ad. Of course, there are lots of them so there may be some that are more viable than others.

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    Great sharing.This is very helpful list.
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    Yes, I have already used craiglist and I must say that it is very helpful in getting good visitors to your site.
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    Are these classifieds sites for USA only, or worldwide users too can use it?
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    Great list, but it still is missing some better classifieds. Just a heads up is that to make sure your site meets the quality guidelines from these classifieds sites. Some only accept local ads and they will remove the posted ads after certain number of days.
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    Thanks for sharing. Another US based classified site: Buy Sell Used Stuff and Items in USA
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    I checked a few and most of them do not allow to post active links so I think they are not that good for traffic but for trading stuff.
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    I've driven a ton of traffic with kijiji, oodle and olx. Oddly I haven't had much success with craigslist, maybe because I tend to post in big cities where your ad stays on the front page for about 5 seconds LOL!

    I have a few ads on one particular classified site (won't mention which) that has remained active for over 3 years with a working hyperlink. It continues to send me traffic each and every month.

    But even though nearly all of them have removed hyperlinking, a well worded ad can still bring a LOT of direct traffic, readers either copy+paste or type your url in directly to their browser.
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    Thank you so much for sharing great list of sites.Lots of useful info here. I am sending it to several friends also sharing in delicious. And of course, thank you for your effort!
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    I only use craigslist.
    Craigslist provide better service on a regular basis.
    This is one of the most well-used classified ad sites on the internet.
    It can drive endless targeted traffic to your website.
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    Great lists, thank you.
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    Thanks for great list, these are helpful in getting traffic too, but I would say that use only popular classifieds sites.

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    Some of them are good (and I already use them), but some looks more like a spammy website and are not even worth the time especially if there is NO specific niche

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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    This is an awesome thread. shows more ways to drive traffic. what about usfreeads? are they good?
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    These are pretty good but maintaining all of them would be a pain. I would run them through a PR checker and see which ones are the best and pick a few from there.


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  • Thanks a lot for the list. I was using so far for driving traffic. Now I will try to submit my site at all of them. Some of those site are no longer running as a classified site. They have parked their domain. Please remove them from the list.
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    Great list, thanks for the share.
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    Craigslist all the way - learn how to post in multiple cities yourself, or hire a posting service and enjoy the traffic/calls!
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    Thanks for the share, even though Craigslist is the ultimatum of them all.
    Classified Posting & Ad Management Expert
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