Google SERPs Damaging My Reputation..Thinking Of Sueing Them

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Since going from page 1 to page gone in April the Google SERPs are returning all kinds of garbagefor my keyphrases. Google has told me that I was not manually penalised which again has to be cr*p or why would my site just disappear overnight.

One particularly bad thing that is happening is that several websites have literally just copy and pasted my sales page content, including my page title and description which includes my product name and are now ranking above me.

I've now just clicked on one of these pages and my antivirus software kicked in saying that this page represents a threat ( a wormhole or something) so now, not only is my product not showing, but a page posing as my product is potentially hosting malware!

Should I sue Google? (Ok this is a little tongue in cheek) But seriously, this is really not good and is probably doing my product and reputation damage.

Is there a way that I can report this to Google so that they at least take action against this website.

Many thanks
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    If it is your content and your product someone else is showing without your permission, you can send a DMCA to the website owner and have the content removed.

    Also, just because a site drops in rankings overnight does not mean it was hit by a manual penalty. Google makes over 500 changes to their algorithm a year. Any one of those algorithm tweaks could be the reason for your drop in rankings.
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    If you are willing to loose your time and precious money for the experience - i would say go for it.

    A better solution would be to report that site for the content stolen and the virus threat, maybe from other users also.

    I would reach google about that, and also file a DMCA report about the content.

    Anyway good luck !
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    Guys, thanks for your replies. Course I'm being a little bit flippant with my post subject but it does also make a bit of a mockery of Googles attempt to clean things up. All they seem to have done in many cases is create bigger problems.

    The problem with contacting the website owner is 'who to contact'. I certainly dare not visit this website and ignore my anti virus warning.

    Is there another route to contact Google without going through webmaster tools and getting a stock reply from them?
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    You can look at the Whois information on the site. Should find contact information there.

    I would not waste your time contacting Google. They are most likely not going to get involved in a copyright dispute. You need to send the DMCA to the website owner. I would probably send it to their host as well.
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    notify google about the copyrights stilling (you wrote it's your product) and with the same letter explain them the whole issue.
    when doing so, be brief and practical as much as you can, mention only facts and provide proof of violations as much as you can (try to send them more then just copyscape report)

    If you'll do it right and your'e just, they'll fix it.
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