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I have few sites all driving a little traffic. But I have one site that is driving really good volume of traffic, over 8k last month

I have adsense on the site, and some clickbank ads set up -

problem is - the site has 90% bounce and users are on site for .20 seconds

sites are wordpress.

getting them to the site.. just not getting them to interact and click around.

any suggestions?
thank you -
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    Well, with Adsense, they don't have to stay on your site very long. You want the to click on one of the ads as soon as possible.

    That sure is good traffic! Depending on your topic, it may help to have some interesting videos or something like a game related to your topic. You need something to engage the viewer.

    There is another thing which may be turning the visitor off. That's too many Adsense ad boxes. When I look at some of the adsense sites, I can't even see the content for all of the ads. My response is to get off the site immediately.

    If you want to have people stay on your site longer, offer something of value to them....good content, a nice looking site, and/or entertainment . . . otherwise, it's Buy, Bye, Birdie!

    Best wishes,
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    Thanks Carole - we are already talking and working on some of those ideas.. and will think through your other suggestions.

    Mike - 8k in traffic is all organic.
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    • First of all, you should try to reduce your bounce rate by adding quality content and encouraging users to leave comments and engage in conversations. In addition to Google Adsense and Clickbank, you can use Amazon, Commission Junction and many other affiliate programs. You can also create and sell your own ebooks or offer paid memberships.
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