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Hello warriors,

I have about 20 sites about nutrition in various niches - for user experience I have interlinked them using only URL's. (also for some SEO gain because I didn't use nofollow :p )

It seems I have been hit by penguin, no bans - just lost traffic. Many sites are not at page 20 for several keywords.

I am thinking that the interlinking is the problem and decided to use a smaller threshold like interlinking 8 or 10 sites.

Anyone know a good safe threshold for crosslinking?

I have noticed a competitor of mine who is doing very well interlinking about 8 sites.
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    Are they on unique ip adresses, if they are then interlinking is probably not the problem. You can interlink hundreds of web 2.0's and be completely fine. Google might suspect a "link scheme" if they are all on the same hosting account though.
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      Yes, same hosting account, every page interlinks with the other - different C Class IP's
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