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i have some sites punished but it help me figure something very interesting

Including sites in GWMT is to beg for punishment if you have some shady practices.

Look carefully at this example:
2 web sites

1. Original content, 1 article on front page with all the related keywords from G keyword tool copy paste. My mistake,i wanted to write the head article and forgot. But obvious spam. Connected with GWMT

2. UAW content, 1 article on front page with all the related keywords from G keyword tool copy paste, not in GWMT still with the spammy front page

10 days and they banned my web from searh results, web 1
can not find it in google
40 days and the spammy site is alive, kicking and ranking, web 2
even on 1st page for some keywords

Both rank in Bing, Yahoo. I repaired the forgotten spammy page. It seems Bing doesnt care, 6th place for my keyword at front page.

What do you make of this?
I make one thing. Not use Google Web master Tool

Am i right? Similar experience?
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    What do I make of this?

    Sour grapes.

    Unique content has nothing to do with anything.
    Your opinion of a spammy site counts for nothing.

    Google does not have to like your site, nor
    they have to dislike a site just because you
    say so.

    As far as GWMT, be afraid. Be very afraid. That
    man behind the curtain almost did in The Tin Man.

    Why do people continue to think google owes them?


    If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    There are some tweaks to work out for sure with Google, i see those scraper blogs ranking above the sites that offer the original content... and the worst part is they take out the links from the original content.
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    Sounds like more of a conspiracy theory than anything, but I know there are some people that swear that using GWT gives them a way to crack down on your site. Not sure that I buy it, but you are not alone...
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    Something similar was on BHW about this.

    Do I believe it? I dunno
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    I have had professional SEO companies tell me that you should have a totally separate GA and webmaster account for each site so that google wont think your building out a link farm or something along those lines. I dont know about this, just know no matter what tool you use with google they know you by now. To me though this is rubbish from a management standpoint, I have over 100 sites that I manage for my company. Your telling me I need a separate login for each? That sucks!
    No more...
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