Blogspot subdomain address vs Custom domain address when it comes down to ranking.

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I've already created a blog by using the Blogger blogging platform, but the blog address is a subdomain and has the blogspot extension. I am interested in buying a custom domain address for $10.00 yearly and I've also heard that subdomain tend to get ranked much faster than a custom domain. Geting ranked fast is something that I am very interested in since the niche that I am targeting has low competition level. My question is based on your own experience is that true? I am going to be able to achieve ranking faster by using the subdomain that I get from blogger than a custom domain address?
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    Google treats new domains with a degree of suspicion, so you probably will make faster progress during the first six months using a subdomain. However, there are no guarantees that you will rank using the blogspot subdomain, and you will also face a number of disadvantages:
    • Blogger isn't associated with particularly high quality content and visitors are more likely to trust a site that uses its own domain.
    • Some CPA networks, affiliate programmes and advertising networks are less likely to accept sites with blogspot subdomains.
    • If you need to move your site at a later date, this is much easier if you have ranked your own domain.
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      Blogspot ranks high FAST. I have several and they're always on the first page fast.

      He's right about this. I guess it's up to you whether or not your site is a quality site or not.
      Blogger isn't associated with particularly high quality content and visitors are more likely to trust a site that uses its own domain.

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    I actually disagree with the people above me.

    Using a registered domain for me has ALWAYS ranked faster then when i use pretty much any web 2.0 property. On top of that, there is so much customization and third party integration you can use, it makes it SOO much easier in the long run.

    I would NEVER recommend anyone try and build a business on a free blog. It makes no sense, you don't have complete control over it so why would you?
    I'm writing articles to pay my way through college!! Help me out, and get an extremely high quality article from a college student majoring in English and Communications for dirt cheap!! -
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    If your are thinking business (making money) and for a long run too then go for custom domain names as free domains offer limited control and are good usually for fun stuff etc.
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    I would say domain name but latley having seen blogspot sub domains ranked on page 1 for new product launches, im not sure which is best one product that was due to launch begining of july i had exact match domain and blogspot subdomain was #1 and there was naff all content..

    for example Google social commissions review and see #3 its blogger blog
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