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Here is a relatively unconventional idea for you warriors to kick around...

Because Google Cash Detective is so dang expensive, what if a mastermind group or marketing team pulled their resources together and shared a single GCD account on a timeshare/group marketing basis?

If it really is as good as it claims to be, a team working together could likely achieve greater results than most individuals alone, with much less financial risk.

Set up a simple contract of agreement of how the group will share or have access to info., charge $50-$100 upfront to join the team (depending on group size 5-10 people) then $15/mo. via PayPal, then work together on campaigns to grow.

Sharing GCD could be by time periods during the day or perhaps group members each get to send 3-5 requests a day for info on a product or keyword or another metric, and the team leader sends out the most profitable campaigns to team members according to their requests. There are several ways to skin that cat, and I am sure you savvy ones get the idea.

If you already have GCD this would be an easy way for you to leverage the tool and others' efforts/ideas to recover much of the cost. If you don't already have GCD, start a team.

This can be done with really any product. I am sure a good team working together can achieve more than one working alone. All the best to any who run with this platinum idea.

Oh! By the way, I mentioned "free" because if anyone appreciates this and would like me to help contribute to their team, please PM me, and I would greatly appreciate a spot on the team to help grow and share the wealth. And I have much more to offer...
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    id be interested of such teamwork. Actually i send a post of similar ideas, but it went to classified ads and was not published, because i later found i need to pay to get it visible.

    So one of my concerns is, that because there is one account and credentials, is there way to prevent some of the team members to change credentials and block system from other users.

    Im in the edge to press order button for annual GCD and because im quite new to PPC, roughly year experience, i'd be interested to share my investment and get adverticing / marketing support from team.
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      You would definitely want to protect yourself and the rest of the team members with a contract of what everyone is agreeing to so that one jerk doesn't ruin it for everyone. By having everyone pay through PayPal, you could set it up to say something like, "by purchasing your membership, you agree to the following:..." You could have membership pending until they sign and fax a written contract. You could centralize your control and ownership if members agree to only making a certain number of requests for campaign information to you which you fulfill within 24 hours.

      Example: Please send me ppc campaign information on clickbank product A and CJ product B (greater than # searches/month, less than $ average cpc, ad run for at least 30 days, profitability indicator over 10,000). Then you do some quick research, and send the best ads via screen shot so team members can see the results. Members could even passively benefit without even making requests. You could set up an membership newsletter for $9 or $19 a month (depending on priviledges) where you send out daily, weekly, monthly top ten, fab five, terrific trio of researched campaigns. Members essentially see the products of looking over your shoulder via screenshot.

      I would imagine you could easily find at least 10 people willing to pay a small amount monthly just to see the results of your work in a way Chris Carpenter did in his videos. They pay you, you use the tools, everyone benefits.

      The keys to this simple concept are protection, control, team integrity, and timeliness of information.
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        Sorry for late answer. Ive been messing around with GCD like a kid after getting in. I really like your idea. We are also discussing teamwork inside. I need to read terms and conditions more clearly. Im afraid i cannot contact you by PM because this is my second post to forum. Hope you read this HappyCommando and notify, if still interested of idea. BTW. I think Chris is closing the doors to GCD after this weekend.
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