PPC - MSN adcenter not accepting shareasale urls?

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Until recently Shareasale destination urls have worked fine in MSN Adcenter but for a couple of months they have been declined with the phrase "Imitated content violation".

I can't find any information about this "Imitated content violation" anywhere online. No mention of it in Adcenter and only one mention of it on Google, Yahoo and Bing Searches - maybe some sort of record!! (By the way, that mention is a Warrior Forum post, but not for a url being rejected.)

Using trial and error I found that ANY destination url with "shareasale.com" gave this result in Adcenter.

A while ago I had something similar with both Clickbank and Commission Junction urls and it turned out to be a software problem on Adcenter itself and we managed a work round while they fixed it.

However if there is some sort of problem that Adcenter has with Sharesale I'd like to know, but surely there would be some info somewhere?

Anyone have any information, similar problems, or ideas?


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    Ditto experience. The program is totally legit too.

    I can't find any relevant info either - everything relates to copyright, alchohol, etc.
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