Plenty Of Fish - How do you get an ad approved?

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A few days ago, I created a Plenty Of Fish ad network account.

After several failed attempts, I still can't get any of my ads approved.

First, I tried advertising an adult product about how to get any girl. Shot down! They don't allow adult products or dating networks of any kind to be advertised. WTF? Pretty strange, considering they are an adult site about "casual encounters".

Attempt #2 - Tried some CPA. No adult products, just a free MacBook and a Free Ipad ad. NOPE! They don't allow landing pages for CPA unless they have some sort of disclaimer, which of course mine did not.

So, I just decided to advertise one of my squeeze pages (although why anyone on POF would want to learn about blogging, I have no idea).

Waiting for that one to be denied too, and then I'll report back.

Anyone know what kind of products you CAN advertise there?
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