How to Automate, Drip Feed and Schedule Everything

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I have been searching how to do this and this is what I've got so far:

Drip Feed Social Bookmarking: Social Monkee, Drip Feed Blasts.

Drip Feed Blog Comments: Drip Feed Links, Dripable, No Hands SEO, ScrapeJet Or alternatively ScrapeBox.

Drip Feed Forum Profiles: Drip Feed Links, Dripable, Drip Feed Blasts, Or alternatively Xrumer.

Drip Feed Web Directories: Drip Feed Blasts.

Drip Feed Wiki Links: Drip Feed Blasts.

Drip Feed Article Directories: Article Marketing Robot (AMR), Drip Feed Articles.

Drip Feed Web 2: Backlink Booster.

And Finally Scheduled High PR Contextual Blog Posts: Private Blog Networks on a combination of Web 2 Properties and C Class IP domains (Used to be Public High PR Blog Networks such as ALN, BMR, LinkVana, My Article Network, Article Ranks, SEO Linkvine, etc, etc.)

And Overall Account Creation and Project Management: Magic Submitter, Link Pushing

Indexing your backlinks: Backlinks Indexer

I am not suggesting for a good SEO you should use all of those methods, and I am not recommending any of them. It's up to you. The question I was trying to answer for a while was if I wanted to use a type of backlink, how to drip feed, automate and schedule? Knowing the right tools helps concentrate on strategies instead!

Feel free to add other options.
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    What other software/tools do you use for automation/drip feeding/scheduling?
    What do you think of the ones mentioned? Any reviews appreciated.
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    I use GSA Search Engine Ranker for mass posting work. it support all the above paltforms and same like nohandsseo, but the developers are Russian with much better skills.
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      Originally Posted by TheProgrammer View Post

      I use GSA Search Engine Ranker for mass posting work. it support all the above paltforms and same like nohandsseo, but the developers are Russian with much better skills.
      +1 for GSA, I've been using it for a couple of weeks's pretty impressive. There's a whole "Set It and Forget It" type feel about it.
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    For anyone struggling with this kind of thing then check out the video tutorial in my signature.

    I'm the type of guy that likes to save as much time and hassle as possible. I used to use all sorts of different tools to accomplish different tasks which made things a real pain to manage and keep on top of.

    It is worth paying out for software that has a range of uses instead of serving one specific function. Something like Ultimate Demon that has a fixed cost and NOT SeNukeX which is overpriced IMO although it has it's uses if used correctly.
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    Social Signals - I use twitterbacklinks (RT's), likeUB (FB LIKES), and some google+ service on WF.

    They have helped my site significantly when getting indexed.
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    Add Backlink Genie and Backlink Kingdom to the list. I personally used BLG and BK both and I found BLG is better in some cases and BK is better than BLG in some cases. BLG will allow you to schedule posting even if you are a basic user (10$ user, I cant remember what they call the membership position). You can insert pictures and videos in web 2.0 sites. You can scrape articles, pictures, videos etc. too. Thats cool. But BK will not allow you to schedule postings if you are a Guard member. You need to be at least a Knight for scheduling tasks. Also BK dont allow picture, video etc. integration. Also you cant scrape articles using BK. But the good option is BK will allow you to post articles into more websites than BLG.
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    Why bother? What are you trying to do?
    I don't build in order to have clients. I have clients in order to build. - Ayn Rand
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      Originally Posted by DPM70 View Post

      Why bother? What are you trying to do?
      I had a difficult time finding the right tools for automation. What I am trying to do is to categorize, sort and prioritize different tools/software out there that can be used for drip feeding/automation/scheduling of SEO efforts. With that and a good understanding of SEO/PR Flow/Link Diversity/Link Continuation/etc. SEO is much easier. For me it took a long time to figure out the good tools for different automation purposes so I am trying to refine the list I provided. Besides, I think that list is pretty helpful. If it was a long ago, I had much appreciated if someone else had provided that list.
      Nevertheless, based on the feedback, I will check other options I don't know and then refine and update that list in this topic. I am sure it is helpful to someone who knows how to use it.
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    And also another aspect I forgot to mention:

    If you want to get some types of backlinks solely for diversification sake so your SEO efforts look more organic, automation helps. That way, you have more time to concentrate on quality content/quality backlinks/innovative systems. Just saying...
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    I signed up for the Backlink Genie light version the other day. It's an amazing deal for all you get. I LOVE the scheduling of the backlinking being sent out, set it and forget it! Can't wait to see the results.
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    The only automated service like this that I use is

    It can automate everything from wordpress, linkedin, rss feeds, and can even turn your power off based on events. (lol).

    It's actually a practical service and helps bring tons of traffic to my blog and also disseminate my content to all of the third party social networking and bookmarking sites.

    If you blog, it's definitely useful.
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