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I just started using adwords a little bit today and beside 2 of my keywords it says something about my bid being to low for first page results , but when I search those keywords in google there is only one add on the whole page.

So, how in the world could my bid be to low if only one other person is bidding against me, am I missing something ?
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    First page bid estimates are based on your QS and available data. The estimator doesn't make any distinction for locality (you sell widgets only in Seattle for example) or how many advertisers are currently active. It looks at the whole history of the keyword, everywhere and all time and for variations of your keyword. Therefore, given your current QS and how much you're bidding, it figures you'd need to bid $x.xx to get on the first page. It's the advertisers who are paused that skew the numbers. If you run your campaign, you'll likely see you do get impressions and if there really is only one other advertiser, you'll see your ad position quite high and CPC below the estimated first page bid it estimated.
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