Denied from adsense within 30 minutes of applying

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I am a complete newbie and just started a website this past week and "applied" to adsense and within 30 minutes i received an email back that says "I am denied and it does not comply with google policies". It is in the coffee niche.

What do I do? Get ahold of Larry and Sergey? Maybe threaten to deport Sergey out of my country?
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    I see two options: 1) monetize another way, 2) try a different website.


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    Ummm, don't worry about it. Focus on SEO and find another way to monetize your blog.
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    Don't worry about it too much. My blog is 5 years old (however I've only blogged on it regulary for 2 years out of the 5) and Google said it didn't have enough content on it. I laughed out so loud. So I applied for it again and they said yes. *shakes head* Google really wants to kill itself these days!

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    According to adsense new policy, they'll not accept any site that is not 6 months old
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