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Hi there,

I have noticed after Penguin that websites that get footer to footer links like coppyblogger with their product sites scribe , studiopress and the hosting part, also godaddy is ranking for "hosting" mainly with their website tonight sites that a that keyword in the footer. I have made some on my pages and just a few good links make a lot of difference, has anyone had the experience lately?
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    I don't understand the question. I really tried to, but it just doesnt make any sense. Can you word it in a different way?
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    The copyblogger set of sites are all theirs. They're part of their service offerings and these links make up a very small part of their overall link profile. It makes sense for them to link these together. You'll also notice they aren't stuffing the links with anchor text. And lastly, they certainly don't depend on search engine traffic.

    Godaddy with their Website tonight thing is another story. Yoast called them out a few months ago for deceptive linking practices.

    I wouldn't look at these sites as examples of what you should be doing, because you are not them. In addition, Google may be applying little or no value to these links. So don't automatically assume that's why they are ranking.
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    I agree retsek copyblogger case is different, and yes I remember Joost calling the godaddy thing but they are still there. What I did was I exchanged homepage to homepage with webs in same niche but diff countries and a few good PR links boosted me hard. Of course they look like a family of sites but the improvements are really good.
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