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What's the latest best thinking when it comes to the title of your homepage?

If I have 2 keyword phrases (let's use a "weight loss" example) I'm going after on the homepage, is it best to have something like: "Lose Weight Fast | Lose Weight Easily"

Or should they be "blended" together like: "Lose Weight Fast and Easily"?
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    Title can be a little long so use all your targeted keywords in it
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    When you doing your title tag you want to make sure you get your keywords in there but what you really need to focus on is selling the click. You want to make sure when some one sees it they are clicking on your page and not someone elses on the SERP. You want to sell the click

    Also keep in miind the search results will only show about 65 -70 chareters. You want to have it within that so google won't cut off your title in the results that kills the impact

    .as an example - Easily learn how to lose weight in the fassest way possible

    Just make sure your using good copy with your keywords

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    Thanks, Barry. Great tips!

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    you are not only catering to the SERP but to your audience too. The main thing is you have your main keyword or phrase on the title. Don't keyword stuff it just make sure you have your keywords on the title.


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    I always think shorter is better

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