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We have a nice india travel discussion forum
We just add adsense code in the website and after a 2 days i got a mesage that my adwords account was disapproved?

i dont know how this happens and i am not able to find where it went wrong
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    Get in touch with Adsense or post a link to it here and someone may be able to spot where you're having issues with their guidelines. Was your account banned or just that site disapproved?
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    Google Have Strict For Given Adsense Account in Asian Countries If You Want To Make Other Adsense Account, Make New Site Or Blog, Signup For Adsense And Enter Different Name And Address From Old.
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    contact with them, or try other networks such as reachjunction, cj.
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  • Try to fulfill their policies. They have lot of restrictions now.
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    If your site is disapproved, then you have to try with another site. Read their policy in details and try to understand their requirements. If you feel you are right, and there is nothing wrong you can apply for re-consideration. But before that, you need to be hundred percent sure.

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    thanks for all of your suggestions
    i ll try to do needful
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    All those cheap Indian SEO companies are poisoning the nation's IP address pool, which doesn't help.
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    Once your out, your done.

    Move on...
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