WP Category Descriptions vs Introductory Headline

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I'm attempting to do "site siloing" by using categories

When we create a category in WP we are prompted to
A) give it a name
B) assign a slug
C) determine if this is a parent (main category) or a "child of" (sub category)
D) embellish the new category with a description

Underneath the "off the shelf" / "standard WP" options are the Yoast SEO plug in options
A) Title tag
B) Meta Description
C) Meta Keywords (not available in the "off the shelf" wp options)

Fair enough, just as editing a post, the Yoast descriptions "trump" or Overwrite the WP settings

What about the Introductory Headline
and Introductory Content

Since duplicate content is SEO suicide, should we avoid using the identical descriptions/ titles etc

What is the best practice here... 2 sets of descriptions and 2 sets of name/titles for each category and sub category?

Am running Thesis version 1.8.4 and Yoast Version 1.2.5
and if it makes any difference I also have W3 Total Cache Version installed

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