is good to get adsense account through fivver

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anyone try the service? can you express your opinion :confused:
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    To be fair mate the easy way to get an adsense account is to use the free blogger provided my google. Pick any tv series and write 200 words on each episode for a week then apply. Easy peasy and you wont be flagged. just dont copy content.

    make a little nice header. there are plenty to do.

    Teen Wolf
    Supernatural (awesome)
    loads more.
    go to and choose a tv series from their.

    Hell you could even go to that tv series facebook page and inform the fans you created this awesome blog which will have them flock to it increasing your analytics.
    Google will see this and triple accept your application.

    But do not apply while your website is under construction.

    Enjoy, good luck and save your $5.
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    Dont Ever Try it.
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    That's not good for long term
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    i wouldnt recommend using fiverr for this, you could get huurt in the long run.
    "Aiyyo I'm gonna be on ti-dop, that's all my eyes can see..
    Ill put in work, and watch my status escalate"
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    there is a risk to get banned not soo early but maybe after ..
    so why dont you create yourself ..
    Because it will pain alot u got banned with 100+ bucks in ur Adsense account ;(
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    that is not a good idea in my opinion.

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    Yeah, it sounds like a great idea. I cannot foresee anything going wrong with that. :rolleyes:
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    Magic 8-Ball, is this a good idea?

    • It is certain
    • It is decidedly so
    • Without a doubt
    • Yes - definitely
    • You may rely on it
    • As I see it, yes
    • Most likely
    • Outlook good
    • Yes
    • Signs point to yes
    • Reply hazy, try again
    • Ask again later
    • Better not tell you now
    • Cannot predict now
    • Concentrate and ask again
    • Don't count on it
    • My reply is no
    • My sources say no
    • Outlook not so good
    • Very doubtful
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    i did apply for it and get unapproved.I checked the email stating that there is not enough content on my website.However, the problem is that i can't resumbit my site. is there any solution beyond adding content?
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    Why would you even want to do something like that? Build a blog or website write some good content build traffic then apply. Google will accept you if you have a blog or site with good content. Be careful what you buy on Fivver, even though there are some good services there this isn't one of them.
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    don't do that simple as that...
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  • It is not good to use from there.
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      of course its a great idea. how do you think everyone in WF got their adsense approved?:rolleyes:
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    For me its a good idea.

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    I am also thinking to get a adsense account from fiverr.
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    just to share my experience. i'm bought 2 account from fiverr and get disable after few days.
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