My keywords are stable on same position.

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Hi friends

I am working on a project which have 15 keywords. Some keywords are on 1st page and some on 2,3 and so on. Recently i use only 3 or 4 techniques for every keywords just as like Directory submission, social bookmarking, blog commenting .Every keywords are stable on their position.I want to increase the ranking for my keywords.But i am confused which techniques should apply on these keywords except directory, bookmark and blog commenting.
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    You most likely have read numerous articles and complimentary tutorials on how to get on the frontpage of Google and also you wonder, why are there diverse approaches to SEO? Shouldn’t there one which works?
    There are to be sure diverse methods to do SEO, if you’re only afterward you get to the first page of Google and nothing else.
    Google is against some other SEO strategy designed to build ranks by the unnatural way. The natural way to build ranks is when sites receive backlinks from other sites without engaging in link buying and other black hat SEO. For Google, there is only one thing a site should produce to make it rank high in the seach results, and that is top of the range content.
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    It is usual when you are keep on adding backlinks and there is no the BEST link building method, all methods are better and you have to use mixture of all link building methods in your link building strategy. From my experience with SEO so far, I can tell you, Contextual link building works well and that is strong as well. But you should follow mixture of all methods, that may indicates "natural" to Google
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  • In my point of view you can go the same way which you use previously.
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    Directory links are very weak.

    Social bookmarks and blog comments are a little better, but they still aren't the best types of links you can get. They can, however, add to the diversity of your link portfolio and therefore be valuable.

    If I was you I would try to create some in-content high-PR backlinks. You can start your own blog network by purchasing aged domains with high PR through an online auction such as Godaddy's, install Wordpress on the domains and upload fresh unique content on the sites. From the sites you can link to your money sites.

    It may take some time before you observe any changes but it truly is a powerful way to get a lot of link juice.
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      I want to know which techniques can help me to raise my keyword ranking.
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    According to me Guest blogging,social bookmarking,article submission,pr are best way for increase ranking and traffic and please ignore pathetic directory submission because There are some trusted directories which can give you strong backlinks.
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      Please suggest me some directory which can give me strong back link..
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    Directories wont help you unless you go for paid ones, search for high pr blogs and so some guest posting on related niche , I use social bookmarks only for faster indexing so basically they are almost useless too , build some web 2.0 blogs around your site and then do some backlinks on those web 2.0 blogs.

    Want Google Page ONE Rankings? [YES] [NO]

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  • Don't change your methods.Continue the previous work.
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    You have to focus on your content,it should be unique,genuine and relevant.Do forum posting,Article and blog posting and blog commenting.You should do blog commenting but it should be relevant and high quality.Today quality matters not quantity.You can use Social sites to increase traffic of your site.Update your blogs with in 2-3 days so that you can get regular traffic.Hope this will help you..
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    - article marketing
    - press release marketing
    - guest blogging
    - wikipedia links
    - blog links, etc.
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