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Hi warriors. I need help understanding how adsense works in terms of paying you.

For example if I go to google keyword tool right now and I was to pick this keyword:

sheilas wheels car insurance quote the cpc says $135.69

So I think google takes about 32% and you keep the other 68%.

So what does that mean? Does that mean that all of my ads appearing on my sites are going to be worth $135.69 or are some going to be worth less?
If that is the case, how will I know the value of the other ads displaying on my site?
How can I increase the value of each ad?

Ok so back to question 1. If my main keyword is worth $135.69 x 68%= $92.27 That means after google gets their cut I will make $92.27 for the top ad on my site?

Is that correct? or am I missing something.
Also I heard that if the users find your site through an organic search, then you get the most earning which will be your 68% share after google gets their cut.

Is they type your site straight in your url, you get the least, if they find your site through another site you get a bit more.
I am so confused about all of this factors.

I want to hire someone to build me an adsense site that has super high earnings for every ad, not just for the top one. Is that possible?
Does anyone in here knows how to build an adsense site where all of the ads make alot of money per click?

If this is possible then I would just hire someone to rank my site for my desire keywords even if it takes long, it might be worth it.

Anyways, please help me clarify how adsense earning works.

Thank you guys and ladies!
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    No one but Google can clarify this for you. There are way too many factors they use to determine the exact payout.

    It starts off with G keeping 30-40% right off the top, depending on the type of ad used. Then they factor in how long was spent on your page AND how long is spent on the landing page after an ad is clicked. If someone stays for less than 5 seconds, they don't charge as much as if they stay for say 30-60 seconds, meaning you don't get paid as much.

    And that's just part of it.

    Bottom line: Your job is to provide quality on the front end and don't get suckered into an ad with an abnormally high CPC on it. If it's out of line with the other kws in its category, don't use it.

    -- j

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      Thanks, I will look more into this factors.

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