picking a domain name and using googles keyword tool to evaluate traffic

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hi guys, ive a real newbie question here

how important is it when registering a domain name to have a complete keyword phrase in the domain

for example will www.powerrangersdvd.com

be just as good as Power Rangers Online

for getting traffic ?

also im starting to use google's keyword tool to evaluate keywords
is a search term around 8000 global searches with low competition a phrase worth building a site around?

im sorry if these are really silly question, im new to this! lol
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    The advantage is tha is fully descriptive of the content which also results very friendly and catchy for visitors. Some people thinks this has not any advantage for Google ranking, but I'd think when someone looks for the exact domain phrase there is a better change to rank, at least for that phrase

    Only take care of not choose domain names that infringe trade marks, at least adsense y amazon doesn't allow it and you could get banned, and of course could be a problem with the trade mark owner

    Personally for affilite sites I prefer domain names with keywords, just are great, but doesn't choose a product name, choose a general name of that category, for example if you want to promote kindle ebooks don't use the word kindle in the domain, but you can use the word ebook
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      It helps to have the keywords in the domain. Get as close to your main keyword as you can.

      8000 searches for "phrase" or [exact] match keyword?
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    thanks for the info so far guys,

    the 8000 searches is for the exact phrase , say " power rangers dvd"

    the more general search has 300,000 searches per month "power rangers"
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    go for it my friend that's right

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    That's fine you can go ahead with that
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  • Yes it is an good. If you want more you can go Google keyword tool.
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    Thanks for the help guys,

    if i was to write an a article (say a bio on the blue power ranger), would the page rank in google for the keyword term "blue power ranger" if this term was included in the content of the article or will the page only rank for that term if its contained in the title?
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    If you want to rank an article, put in the title the phrase which you want to rank, if this phrase has much competition would be hard, for this reason many people opt to look for phrase with low competition

    In the content of course you can put the keywords that are placed in the title of the article because the article would talk about that, make sure make all in a natural way so It doesn't looks overoptimized

    And I'm not sure if you plan to buy a domain with "power rangers" term, if so, I suggest not since is a trade mark term
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      When it comes to EMDs, you'll find both people who are all for them and those who believe it's not a big deal whether you have keywords in your domain name or not.

      I think it's not a big deal. You'll find lots of example on the web when brands rank much better than EMDs. The reason is there multiple other factors than contribute to high rankings. Keywords in the domain names is just one of them.
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      • A domain that includes your targeted keywords will be easier to remember and more appealing to those who find your site in search results. However, domain name doesn't have a direct impact on your rankings. What matters the most is to add quality content and promote your website properly.
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          hey guys new here. I have a domain name that i put into google keyword tool and it showed 20,400,000 global searches per month and 5,000,000 local searches per month. any advice on what to do with it?
          I dont know how to build web sites but it sounds like I should teach myself.
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