Is there a genuine $100 a month seo & link building plan?

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Hey guys,

Been working on a new site which has its competitors let's say but it should be a big site with a lot of pages, content and so on.

Here's the thing - Once it's live I would like to hire a company or a guy to promote the site on a monthly basis, SEO and link building services but I have only $100 a month as for budget.

I don't kid myself, I know it's low and I don't think about high spots on Google but is it possible to rank some keywords on page 1? I know it's all about competition.

As for the price, are there genuine $100 a month SEO and link building plans which are not grey or black hat? I mean white hat which will produce results with time (and some months).

I prefer the outsource and let some pro promote my site than do the "dirty" work myself and focus on other things, other sites, making it better and bigger and so on.

Thank you all, would love to hear from your experiences as well.
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