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Hi, there. I am actively working in odesk since a couple of years, recently after the google penguin updates, it's hard to get seo project at odesk sites as most of the clients ask about SEO strategy after google penguin and panda updates. I replied that we will provide unique content articles, loads of generic and legitimate links and many more like how much time I will spend on your project and time frame. But they seems unsatisfied even don't call for interview may be experienced seo professionals taking projects. Please help me in reply for next time, when they asked about seo strategy.
thanks in advance.
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    Sounds like they are just pumping you for new SEO strategies, because they can't be bothered to do their own SEO testing.

    Real business don't care about algo. update names, they care about you generating traffic.
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    The Panda and Penguin update was a bigger slap on webmasters than you think..

    What more do you expect from people who have spent their hard earned money in order to make money and only have to face loss all alone.

    It's just like buying shares, people will buy when the going is good and no negative reputation has been made but as soon as the shares start crashing, people will take their time and make wise decision.

    I think what you need to do is, update your SEO to 2012...by mere seeing your offer backed up with little explanation/answer to their question, you will have their money again.
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