Are Too Many High Quality Links Bad For Your site?

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So I have heard from many SEOs that having only high quality links can look unnatural and actually hurt you rather than help you is this true?

It is my understanding that you need a mix of low quality and high quality links as most links are low quality anyway with only certain high pr forum, press release and article links being of quality.

Love to hear what you guys think on this subject and what your experience has been.
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    So you have a SEO firm and you are asking such questions on forums?

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      GodMode52, I ask because I am trying to show someone the answer.....sometimes they need to hear it form someone other than yourself, so I figured I'd start a thread and see what people say
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    Wow I'd never think that it would ever be a bad thing. That's like saying you have too much money and it'll look suspicious. But I would guess you'll naturally get some low quality links if you have high quality ones from plagiarists and such.
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    Actually as you too much of anything bad. Now Google is looking for natural seo and in my opinion too much seo work now should avoided.
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      You are correct. The key here is to diversify your link profile. This includes anchor text and link type.

      Anchor Text

      Most of my sites were hit during the last update because I stuck to one formula using black hat software(s). After my analysis, I noticed that all my sites had KW 1 % >= 30%. This was a BIG NO NO.

      Link Type

      Next, was the link types. Which mainly came from Diretory, Profile, and Comments, and of course the rest were DEAD because of the big blog network takedown that occured a few months back.

      The remaining top sites were no where close to having this type of profile.
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    Impossible to get too many quality links.
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    Take all the high quality backlinks you can get. Just don't use the same anchor text =)

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      Originally Posted by Bestseller91 View Post

      Donn know whether you would call them quality or not. But i had a test site , all links coming from high PR pages. Most of them from blog comments (very low obl and moderated ones) , forum signatures and some from my own private blog network. The site targeted a relatively low competition keyword. It ranked well before penguin but tanked when penguin update rolled out.
      Keyword diversity would have avoided this. And, forum signatures??? That's about as low quality as you can get!

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    Keep creating the high profile backlinks!
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