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Please let me know what you think because i want to make sure I’m not wasting my time. I bought The Best Spinner tool a week ago and I’m using it to spin my article. It’s look good tool BUT
no matter how much good I spin my articles I’m getting unique articles in a range from _75%-99%
That's mean that after i spun the articles the tools automatically show me how unique the article is comparing to any other spun articles (that i got from the same original article).
Let said i have 1 articles - I spun it and got 30 different articles. All the 30 articles are comparing so some of the article get a 99% unique...some of them 80% and the lowest id 75% unique. No matter how good i spun it still the lowest is 75%.
Does it worth all the job....? If i have 75% unique article it not waist of time and maybe it is better to save the time and just use the same article over and over again to create backlink.

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    I've heard most say that 60% is good, and your lowest is 75% so you should be fine. I never spun any of the articles I used for link building purposes.
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    Thank you. I will be happy to hear more opinions, please?
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    anyone? please?
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    Should be fine, depends where you submit too. Never spin content to ezine/hubpages/wizzley etc, you're better off writing the posts manually, then spinning that post and submitting to weaker article sites.
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    Yes i know about ezine/hubpages/wizzley etc... But
    Google dont have problem with it?
    75% unique its ok?
    Google wont see it as a duplicate content?
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    Am an SEO expert and have done work for a few people on this forum and other places like BHW.

    I offer custom services, which means i allow my clients with SEO knowledge to tell me what they want.

    In cases, where they are noobs i advice them against spinning but do spin for anyone that insist..

    I really see no much difference spinning articles other than a waste of my time..

    Anyway, if you are going to pay me to spin your articles, why won't I.
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    Do yourself a favor and stop using TBS. Word AI is light years ahead of them and any other product on the market. WordAI - Beta Signup
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    MatthewWoodward - Yes, I’m not using the auto spin option and I did exactly what you wrote, I chose the generate and compare and I got a uniqueness between 75%-100%
    Is that mean I can use all of the articles the tool generated?
    I sun it very good and I ask to generate 100 copies and like I said I got a results of uniqueness between 75%-100%.
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