Would this site get me in trouble with Adsense?

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I have a site that I would love to put Adsense on however I know Adsense is not allowed on sites with adult content. Here is my dilemma, this site has the same type of content as Cosmopolitan.com and they have Adsense on their site. My site is not porn, but several crazy people have visited it and I guess because of the domain name they label it as porn. Cosmo is not porn and it has the same type of adult content articles as my site.

My site deals with all sorts of relationship issues, including info on giving women orgasms, that would be considered adult content, yes? Well, Cosmo has the same type of articles and they run Adsense ads. Any kid could go to Cosmopolitan.com and read about all sorts of what I would consider "adult content," but they run Adsense.

I would hate to have my Adsense account frozen because I put ad spaces on this site, so I have been a bit leery and held back on it. Would you guys please give me your opinion on this. If you click on some of the links and read the articles you will see that it is NOT porn. If Cosmo can use Adsense, can this site as well? Any advice or advertising ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The site is: www.makinglovetoher.com
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    I'm 99.9% sure that site would get you banned from Adsense.
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    Yep - I don't think that site is going to make love to your adsense account.
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      You make the mistake thinking cosmo is the same as Joe Blow
      like you and me, making a site. It's not. Those sites
      are not adsense users. They are google ad partners.
      BIG difference. They have special rules, get all the breaks,
      etc. They have a plethora of ad options not available
      to us.

      Google will ban you if they catch you. They don't catch
      everybody, everyday.

      But, plastering your site here is not too smart for adsense,
      but I suppose it gets you a backlink!

      Adsense users must agree that their site is family-friendly.
      That is, would you feel comfortable allowing you neighbor's
      9 year old daughter read and look. If you do, I'm glad I
      don't live in your neighborhood.

      Never fall into the trap, "I see that site doing it, why shouldn't I?"


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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        Thank you Paulgl now it finally makes sense to me. I was wondering how they were able to get away with that. What is interesting is that any 9 year old child can read Cosmo's site and nobody says a word. Yes the big guys do get all the breaks, but that gives some incentive to the little guys, something to work towards!

        Well, no Adsense for that site! Thank you so much, I really appreciated your insight.
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    Cosmo is a BIG BIG name. Adsense probably allows their website because of the traffic. Your site is a typical low-traffic niche site, and google won't take a second to ban you and pocket your revenue.

    Big G creates its own rules!
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      Thanks, that is what I needed to hear.
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    Talk them them, submit a ticket. Thats the only way you will know for sure!

    Don't be afraid to ask me any question about YOUR SEO issues right now! SEO is my First, Middle & Last Name.

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      Paul already explained the difference between OP & Cosmo., they are not running the same affiliate network, Cosmo. is a partner. Go look at the Cosmo. source code, that's not Adsense code, it's partner code (not the same things).

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