What are most preferred article directories for search engines nowadays?

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Hello Warriors, this thread is for them who still believe that Article Marketing is still very much alive. I honestly believe that from my own experience.

But, my question :Which article directories are most preferred by search engines nowadays? Name at least 5 of them.

I know measuring page rank is a common parameter, but then achieving ranking from them do not always depend on PR. I have seen that articles from some relatively new directories are on top of the slot for several keywords.

So, any new insight to this area?

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    I would personally spend the time posting on my own sites than submit to an article directory these days for the odds are that it would get as much exposure or more doing that.

    I would say if you still think it is all that "alive" than you can go ahead but if I wasn't going to be posting content on my own site and was going to use a third party site for both trust and direct traffic it would be a high PR web 2 property or a guest post of authority site in my nich for better results.
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    I would post the articles on your site first but if you do go with a directory I would suggest EZA. They're not what they once were but still the best IMO.
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  • Thanks all for your honest opinion. You are just treating article marketing as not so effective marketing weapon. But, I have seen them up on search engine result pages still for several niche keywords. How is that? Any idea?
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