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Hello everybody!

I don't post a lot on this forum but I've been here looking around for about a year and a half now. Yesterday, something a bit unusual happened on my website and I just wanted to share it with you and add some thoughts.

I started a membership website about a year ago and I built up the traffic up to around 200 unique visits a day, which is ok for me, as the subject of the website is quite narrow.

Anyway, yesterday I check my google analytics and noticed a huge increase of 10x my usual traffic. So I check and saw that someone linked to one of my article from a popular website.

Checking on this new traffic, I could see that:
  1. 1. 90% of it came from a mobile device
  2. 2. The bounce rate was around 90%
I checked a bit more and realized that the website that linked to me are using a mobile app so send their users updates - That explained the 90% mobile devices. An the bounce rate clearly showed that the traffic was not interested in the general website topic, but just in the article topic.

I knew that the increase wont last long (a couple of days top: as soon as im off the "news" of the other website, my traffic will be back as usual).

SO what did I do?
  • First I added adsense within my article, to get a few clicks.
  • Then in the hope of guiding the traffic to other parts of my website, I added a link to another closely related article.
  • Finally, as my content is mainly videos, I also added one of the videos that I concider as "catchy".
This happed yesterday, the "rush" has past and to be honnest, I didn't get any massive increase in adsense income, and I sold one subscription (which I not unusual). The bounce rate decreased from 90% to 80%... :rolleyes:

So it leads me to a couple of conclusions:
  • Traffic is worth nothing if it is not targeted (I knew that already, but since I'm writting on the WF, it worth saying it again)
  • Creating an app to send your feeds to your followers is a really good idea.
I'm far from being an expert in IM, but I try to learn by observing and listening to what makes sense to me. If anyone have an idea on what I could have use this traffic better, I would be really happy to read it.

Hope my english wasn't that bad
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    Great observation manu and I also liked how you went about making changes on your post to get the maximum from the sudden virality.
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    Since it's my first website (and the main source of online income) I always keep a close eye on it.
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